Berry Ice-Cream Cake

Berry Ice-Cream Cake

Berry ice-cream cake is an amazing recipe for celebrations. With cute and lovely appearance it is a nice wedding anniversary cake.

I think it is a perfect dessert for summer. You can use fresh and delicious berries. Also it is an ice cream cake. Everybody love ice-cream, especially summer season.

How about using it as a different? This time, we will use ice-cream for a delicious wedding anniversary cake. This is creative idea! Once you tried, you will love this amazing summer cake. Now, let’s look preparation steps of Berry ice-cream cake.

Materials That You Need For Berry Ice-Cream Cake

  • 2l vanilla ice-cream
  • 200g pkg Coles Brand honeycomb whirlz biscuits
  • 250g fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Extra fresh strawberries, to serve

Preparation of Berry ice-cream cake

Let’s start with take two 20cm round cake tin. Then you should line the base and sides with plastic wrap to prevent sticking and shape damage. Take Spoon half the ice-cream and allow it for soften.

Then, take honeycomb biscuits in plastic bag. You should crush this biscuits for cake. So, hit with a rolling pin gently to obtain small pieces. Take this crushed biscuits and add into the softened ice-cream. Take this mixture to the cake tins with the help of spoon. Freeze it at least 3 hours or wait it until it gets firm.

Slice strawberries and lightly crush with a fork. Take remained ice-cream in a bowl and allow for softening. Mix this ice-cream with sliced strawberries. Spread over honeycomb biscuit ice-cream properly. You can use back of spoon for this. Cover this mixture with plastic wrap and freeze it at least 3 hours or wait it until it gets firm.

Take frozen mixture from tin and placed on service plate. Then open the plastic wrap. Place raspberries and extra strawberries to the top for decoration as you want.

Your Berry ice-cream cake is ready now!

Berry Ice-Cream Cake