White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake

White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake

White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake is delicious celebration cake. We recommend you try this recipe for your wedding anniversary cake. Cappuccino and chocolate are well pairs and excellent cake is baked with combination of two compatible tastes. Another advantage is to make simple!

Materials That You Need For White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake

300 g (11oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus extra to grease

250 g (9oz) self-raising flour, plus extra to dust

200 g (7oz) caster sugar

3 large eggs, room temperature, beaten

1½ tsp baking powder

50 ml (2fl oz) milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

125 g (4oz) white chocolate

125 ml (4fl oz) double cream

½-2 tbsp cooled espresso coffee

75 g (3oz) icing sugar, sifted, plus extra to dust

50 g (2oz) plain grated chocolate

40 g (1½oz) roasted and finely chopped hazelnuts

Preparation of White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake

Start with preheat oven to 180C take a 8-inch cake pan; grease and floured the bottom.

Take caster sugar and 175g butter in mixing bowl and mix until they become creamy. Add eggs one by one and mix well after addition of every eggs. Add and fold in remaining flour and the baking powder, then finally add milk and vanilla. Pour this mixture with the spoon into prepared cake tin. Make the surface smooth with spoon. Then bake cake for 40-45 minutes. Allow it to cool in tin for 5 minutes then remove from the pan. Wait for complete cooling.

After cooling divide the cake horizontally into two pieces.

Grate 25g white chocolate in bowl and add cream and coffee, beat them together. Use the half of mixture for top of first layer.

Melt remaining chocolate in a bowl which is placed over a pan of boiled water. After melting, allow to cool for 10 minutes.  Beat butter and the icing sugar until mixture become creamy and add cooled white chocolate in it. Place the second cake and cover all over the cake with this mixture.

Mix grated chocolate and nuts for decoration. Press them on the top of cake. You can decorate with roses as you can see from picture.

White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake