Ideas and Symbols for the 1st Wedding Anniversary

Know what ideas and symbols are associated with 1st wedding anniversary

The first year of marriage certainly depicts how hard it had been for both of you to adjust with each other, know the hardy aspects and so on. To help you choose the best product or gift for your loved one, here are some symbols and ideas that you can use.

If it is your first wedding anniversary then first of all, heartily congratulation for those successful accomplishing of this one year for togetherness with your spouse and the first of marriage is always special and completely a year if adjustment too. While you celebrate the first year of anniversary, you certainly need to think of something that will be memorable for you both at the same time you have a gala time with your spouse too.

Ideas and Symbols for the 1st Wedding Anniversary

Traditional gifts to give at 1st Wedding Anniversary:
Of course, paper… Paper is one symbol that shows the sign of strengthens. It comes from interlaced are connected generally is always connected like that of the papers individual threads.

1st Wedding Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gifts to give:

Clocks. Clock is the best idea that you can give. It symbolizes the meaning that is for the people who love knows that time is eternity.

Gifting Gemstone on first wedding Anniversary:
You can certainly think of Gold jewelry, peridot, diamond or even pearl.

Planning to give a dress? Choose the right color:
Gold and yellow seems to be the vibrant yet ideal colors to be given for first anniversary.

Anniversary Flower For 1st year celebration:
You must give either Pansy or orange blossom.

Pense is a French world of Pensée which means a moment worth to remember and is the ideal gift to give your spouse.

If you are gifting orange blossom to your dear ones then it symbolize the sign of love, purity, marriage and innocence too.

How to Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary?

  • Purchase tickets (paper) for a good movie, a sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to join together.
  • Candle light dinner sound to be perfect part of the plan. If you are adventurous, you can think of going for the fantasy park. Also a trip to go together will be nice (Buy direct paper tickets).

  • Plan a picnic (with paper plates and cups) at some romantic location with a good weather.
  • Play a game of paper treasure hunt that can be a better way to be close to your spouse.
  • For anniversary dinner, instead of those old boring flowers, you can give something unique like paper flowers.

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