Making Memorable Anniversary Celebrations

How to make the Anniversary Celebration Memorable?

The wedding anniversaries deserve to be given a celebration in hues of prompts and shows. Your wedding anniversary is basically to renew the oath of staying committed to each other. We would try to give you some hints as how to make the celebration of the anniversary memorable.

The day you got married was celebrated in the company of your fiends & relatives as the onset of the journey as a duo. The anniversary is to celebrate the continuation of the journey.

Here are some ideas to help you create memorable wedding anniversaries.

Mementos for the Wedding Day

Many couples preserve the mementoes of the wedding day. Here are some tips as how you can use those items on the anniversaries.

  • The top crust of the wedding cake can be preserved and shared between you tow on the first anniversary.
  • Melt all the candles that were used either at the marriage ceremony or at the reception to form one single candle of bigger size. You can jointly light it each year on the returns of this day.
  • In case your wedding bouquet is saved with you, it can be used as the centerpiece at the homely dinner table.
  • It is most probable that a pile of napkins from the wedding reception is still lying with you unused. If it is your first anniversary which is called the paper anniversary, get into its usage.

Going Away Together on a Weekend

Nothing would be as great as spending some time together alone. The weekend next to your anniversary would be the perfect day.

Going out for a weekend away will not fit each of your anniversaries. Still, it fetches a chance for both of you to reassess your journey so far and to renew the mutual commitment at the backdrop of some special location.

  • The time you can take it to be your repeat honeymoon
  • Together you can think of attending a workshop on enrichment of the marriage. You can even plan to go for a marriage encounter weekend.

Anniversary Party Ideas

Ideas on the anniversary parties… You can consider some of these ideas to host the anniversary party.

  • Your anniversary date is to be distinctly marked on your family calendar with a circle dawn around the date & annotation of the anniversary to be celebrated.
  • Include your spouse in the planning for the celebration. You have to start this planning at least in advance of two weeks’ time.
  • If possible snap a group photo with the family members on each of the anniversaries.
  • You can even keep a notebook on all of your anniversary celebrations. Reaching that point wherein it would be tough for you to remember what happened is one of the earlier anniversaries, these notes will add to your recapitulation.
  • The toasts, having a rich legacy of association with the anniversaries, are not to be missed. In case you decide not to hold a party, you should toast each other.

The Dilemma Over the “No Gift” Call

In case the couple celebrating the anniversary requests that no gifts are to be brought, they must be doing it with some special thoughts behind the call.

Probably, they are not in need of stuffs further or they are reluctant to make their guests compelled to carry some gifts or might be that they feel it uncomfortable to receive gifts. It is very crucial that you respect and honor the call.

Few of the alternatives on the same subject :
— Gifting either a money tree or money can be the perfect alternative especially to the elderly couples whose income is fixed.

— Card shower can be another diligent option. The friends & relatives can send cards carrying memories on the couples & the way the couple have inspired and impacted upon other’s lives.

— In case you still persist to gift something, send their home some presentations post the party.

Etiquette on Anniversary Celebration

The best of the etiquettes in this regard would be prioritizing on the desires that the couple might hold.

In case you have a plan to surprise the couple by throwing a surprise party on their anniversary, give it repeated thoughts. The couples may not like to attend these types of facilitations.

You need to be very sure that whether if the couple would be receptive to receive the surprise and they had not any other plans. It can be difficult to do this without spoiling the surprise, but if you don’t wait until the last minute, you can have general conversations with them about anniversaries and surprise parties.

  • Invitations to the reaffirmation ceremony or the anniversary parties need to be send out at least in advance of 4 to 6 weeks before the date of the celebration.
  • The invitation has to specifically mention about the receptiveness of the couples on receiving gifts at the party. In cases that they are not open to receive any gifts or should a creation of the bridal registry is already made for the anniversary gifts, information needs to be provided on the gift registry or registries.
  • Though it is a tradition for the anniversary parties, the couples may not like the receiving lines. In case they are reluctant to join the receiving line, please don’t force the couple to do so against their will.
  • While to arrange for the seating arrangement, remember that the oldest of the sons should sit on the right side of his mother. The place for the oldest of the daughters is to the left of her father. The maid of honor or the best man from the wedding day of the couple takes their seat at the main table along with their spouses.

How to honor the anniversaries of the widows or the widowers?

It would be the sole discretion of the concerned individual that they would like to remember the day or not.

— Some of these people want to look back to this special day while others may not. The situation demands that you delicately speak to the person to figure out as how they would prefer to spend the day.

— A card carrying the quote “Thinking of You” is normally well received.

— It the person is agreeable, he or she can be taken out for a dinner.

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