20 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Twenty Gift Ideas for the First Wedding Anniversary

In case you are not sure as what would be the perfect gift item for your spouse on completing the first year of the marriage, rather than to mess with the tradition, paper made items can be given a consideration. Twenty special gift ideas for first wedding anniversary are discussed bellow.

Though its bit tough to conceive a gift of this sort, but surely the stuffs come romantic and it is not all together impossible. You can go by the following suggestions to make your partner faint with extreme of emotions:

1. Entry Pass
You can pick a gate pass to some events that lays within the areas of yours spouse’s interest. The probable options can be the entry pass for some theatrical or musical concerts, sporting events etc.

2. Personalized Cards
You can either make some cards by your own hands or can personalize the decks of the playing cards, carrying an invitation to have a session of play to celebrate the special day.

3. A Written Call
In case you plan to go out together for a special dinner, you can send a call in writing to him or her. You have the choice to purchase some exotic pieces or to make something special by your own hands. It would display to your partner that you had been planning to celebrate the evening and it has an inclusion of paper.

4. Bouquet of Flowers Made With Paper
You will certainly make a god impression should you go for this idea. Though you will get readymade stuffs available, advisably something made of your won would do a better job. This he or she would be able to preserve as memento as the flowers would not perish and it would seem to him or her that you had been putting significant efforts to make him or her feel nice.

5. Copies of Newspaper
You simply need to get the copy of a newspaper having the circulation at your in-laws residence and the date has to be the day you got married. Your spouse can hold it as a memento or alternatively it can be framed for hanging in the house.

6. Currency Notes
If this be your choice of gift, be cautions to handle this tactfully as it might give an impression that you didn’t thought on the gift for this special day. If the notion is to go with paper made items, currency notes matches with it and it would also enable your spouse to spend it perfectly by her choices. But again!! Handle the situation well.

7. Scrapbook
Index book made with paper and featured with photos, either printed or affixed on it, can be worth of a gift for the special evening. The theme can revolve around the memories of the wedding ceremonies or special moments that you shared in course of this one year time.

8. Books
Your choice can vary between the novel and the books on poetry that would have some relevance to you as a couple. For the people who love reading, nothing can be more enticing.

9. Writing A Letter
A passionate, thoughtful love letter written in your own hands can be the gem of a gift item for this day. It is a classic style of conveying the special thoughts is a special way on the special event to the most special of the person.

10. “You” Can Be The Best of the Gifts
Get wrapped yourself in paper and spring out from a cardboard box nicely decorated that will give your spouse some real surprise and of course something he or she would like to unwrap the most.

11. Certificates of Gifts
A gift certificate or any subscription to movie rental to a classy spa or store will enable your partner to get something that he or she would love the most. This will be a good chance to go out for a movie or to shop together. It would be basically a 2-in1 gift.

12. Stationeries
In case your spouse is still up to writing and sends thank-you notes to friend & families, personalized stationeries can be a candid gifting idea.

13. Handmade Coupon Books
Tough handmade books of coupon like messages, chores or hugs & kisses sometimes appear corny around the houses, but be assured that being practical it are gifts that are mostly well received.

14. Sweet Stuffs Held in Containers Made With Papers
You will get the paper cones or the Chinese food boxes with the least of the searches and you can stuff anything within it. Preferably, it can be some gourmet chocolates or candies that your spouse loves.

15. Fans Made With Papers
The shops in the Chinatown area at New York, exotic paper fans or the parasols made with papers are available for reasonable prices. These fancy items can be used for decorating your apartment or house whenever any celebration gets hosted.

16. Mat for the Bottle or Glass
Paper-made coasters can be a good gifting item should your spouse loves the bar at your house. You can find out some innovatively patterned pieces that you can subsequently personalize too.

17. Lanterns Made With Paper
It will be literary lighting up the life. You can uses these pieces to light up the area around the backyard or the dining room either for the celebration days or even can be put to use on day-today basis.

18. Map
In case you or your spouse or both of you love to travel, a map can be the perfect gift item. It can either be on the walls and you can mark up the dream-destinations using some board pins or the markers. This map can even serve as an item to decorate your place, which is the bonus you get.

19. Box for the Hat
People would not mind a bit more of storage place. Made of thick papers that are durable, your spouse can use the box primarily to hold the hats or it can serve the storage of items like baseball cards, Make-up items and can also serve as the pigmy-bank.

20. Craft Item
Introduce the artist inside you by gifting some crafts material made with paper. It crafting is not your cup of tea, you can either get some ready materials, or make a photo in recapitulations of the older days, featuring both of you.