First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 2

Paper anniversary gifts – Some ideas

first anniversary gift is very special. You can make paper gifts for your spouse at your home. Some tips of paper gifts are discussed bellow.

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You will get paper gifts that are framed, “do-it-yourself” homemade gifts with paper, paper gifts at the last minute, clocks that can be gifted on the first anniversary, ideas for the anniversary trips, romantic gifting ideas for the paper anniversary so on and so forth here.

1st Wedding Anniversary Paper Gifts: Framed

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  • Gifting a framed edition of the wedding vows will help you both to recap the vows you took at the wedding ceremony.
  • Frame up a $1 bill from the year of your wedding and encrypt the year on it.
  • Photographs with a frame holding one from your wedding ceremony and one taken at the celebration of the paper anniversary.
  • Photo frames capacitated to hold twelve photos and stuff it with one each for the last 12 months you spent together.
  • You can pick one of the artistic versions of the piece read at your wedding and frame it as a gift.
  • Go for a dance together on the tune that you danced for the first time. In case you are up to playing some instrument, you can even play the tune.

1st Wedding Anniversary Paper Gifts: Homemade (DIY)

  • A Special Web Page – Select 3-4 best pictures from your wedding day and include things and words from your wedding. You can connect with companies that prepare such special sites.
  • Index Book on the anniversary – Anniversary Scrapbook – Stuff the book with quotes that are romantic and you can also incorporate your feelings, convictions or photographs for the stretch of the year.
  • Reasons “I Love You” Deck Of Cards – Deck of cards displaying the sot you got married or the place you went for your honeymoon or even those romantic places that you visited together. State the attributes for loving your spouse.
  • Origami bouquet of Flowers – Flowers made with paper – Write up on every flower the reason you love and admire your spouse for.
  • Album of the wedding photographs – In case you are yet to have the album, this special day will be the perfect number to have one. Stuff the album with the photos of the big day of your life.
  • Wedding Scrapbook – Pick the best of your wedding pay photographs and compile the pages of the index book.
  • Shadow Box – Make a shadow box and fill it up with the mementoes having reminisces of the year that you completed as a couple: letters, ticket stubs, receipts, post-it notes, photos, programs, date night mementos, and so on…

1st Wedding Anniversary Paper Gifts: Last Minute

  • Subscription of a Publication (Paper) – Subscribe your spouse to the magazine or the newspaper he or she loves reading for a year.
  • Erotic Photographs (Paper) – Make a scrapbook containing some “hot” pictures of yours as a gift to your spouse.
  • License, Membership, Pass (Paper) – Gifting something like a membership to the gymnasium, entry pass to an amusement park or season tickets to the favorite sports team will be worth of gifting.
  • Tickets to the Broadway (Paper) – Get couple tickets for events like the Broadway play, sports event or some other events that you will enjoy together.

1st Wedding Anniversary Paper Gifts: Trip Idea

Second Honeymoon – Gift your spouse with the plane ticket (made of paper), clubbed with some photographs (also paper) of the place that you will be flying to for your second honeymoon.

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