Romantic Gift Ideas For The First Wedding Anniversary 1

Make your wedding anniversary special with some unique romantic gift ideas

For every couple, the moment of togetherness begins soon after they get married. Certainly it is your special day and to make sure you and your partner mesmerize it, here are some unique romantic ideas that you can amend.

Some romantic gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary…

— Prepare and eat your own wedding cake: – It will be more fun if you both prepare the cake together and cut it and eat at some romantic place that has always got memories with you.

— Bouquet is a must: – No occasion can be complete without a bouquet full of red roses. Give her/him red roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 1st year of marriage. It depicts the sign of love towards your partner

— Spend a night away: – Take your partner to some candle light dinner at a cruise or book a recreational hotel that is worth to bring a smile on your partner’s face. Spend a night together in a nice luxurious hotel recreating that wedding night magic.

— Wrap a box full of gifts: – Grab all the things that your partner likes and grab it in a box that you can gift him. Place that number of gifts that is parallel to number of years you have finished so far of togetherness.

— Be creative: – Get some unique yet creative frame and put all those memorable pictures of you both that your partner can enjoy watching every time.

— Make a good video: – If you have all those videos where you have captured your partners every moment, edit it and watch it together. In that case, your wedding video can be fun too.

— Play the romantic songs: – Nothing can be romantic other than playing all those songs that your partner loves. This will create a mood and bring smile on your partner’s face too.

Plan Your 1st Wedding Anniversary Trip:

— First Trip: – Plan a trip to a place where you both never had been earlier

— Second honeymoon: – This can be fun too. Book the romantic hotel or revisit the same place where you had organized your first honeymoon.

Gifting Unique Jewelry on the first anniversary

Pansy is the best flower you can gift other than red rose. If you are planning to give some jewelry and diamond is way too common, then you can think of unique gold jewelry too.

– Flower of 1st wedding anniversary: Pansy
– Gemstone of 1st wedding anniversary: Gold Jewelry