The First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 3

Gifts on completing the first year of wedding

Anniversary gifts are very precious for a couple. You will get to know about modern gifting ideas, ideas for the trip, handmade gift items for the paper anniversary, romance-filled gifting ideas etc as anniversary gift.

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Now here, you’ll find “Modern Gift: Clock gifts for the First Wedding Anniversary”, “Trip ideas for the First Wedding Anniversary”, “Homemade gifts for the First Wedding Anniversary”, “Romantic ideas for the first wedding anniversary”, “anniversary trip idea” …

Clock: Trendy gifting idea for the paper anniversary

Clock Gifts for the Anniversary:

Cocks with countdown timers – Set up the real time countdown for some special forthcoming events like the second honeymoon or going out for a weekend trip or spending in the night romantically.

Crystal Anniversary Clock – Gift it to your spouse with the wedding date engraved on it.

Engraved Time Piece – Engrave a watch with you special message, about love and time.

— Pocket Watch or Pendant Watch – Get a classy silver-brushed pocket and gift it to your spouse with engraving a special and romantic message to him or her.

Watch – Get some special watch as the gift for the special day. The choices can be a sporty watch or one with some more features. Dress watches for the glamorous nights would be equally delightful. You can even get some exclusive customization to best fit upon your spouse.

Ideas of Trip about the clock

Big Ben Take your spouse out for a trip to the monumental Big Ben which is located at the Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom.

Local Clock Tower – Paying a visit together to the clock tower in your peripheries will be equally lucrative as a gift.

Some homemade gift suggestions for the paper anniversary

  • You can create a calendar with pictures of some from the wedding ceremony and some of the special moment that you shared in course of this one year time.
  • You can frame up a love poem written of your own and gift it to your spouse. In case you are not up to it, get some customize poems written on your behalf.
  • A log book filled with thoughts, feelings and emotions of yours on the high& low times of life through the journey of this one year time.
  • Men can gift their spouse with coupons of love that can either be customized & printed or some standard books that are readily available in the market.