What is Wedding Anniversary?

All you need to know about wedding Anniversary

To mesmerize this wedding anniversary, people generally plan for a trip, go on a dinner or plan something unique that would make their partner realize how much they are into love.

With so many new types of occasions coming across, wedding anniversary is one such special time which couple celebrated every passing year for their togetherness. It is nothing but the date on which the wedding of the partners exactly took place…

The 50th anniversary is called the golden wedding anniversary whereas the 25th anniversary is said to be the silver jubilee.

Know the Historic Origin

As per the studies made on wedding anniversary, the origin of this occasion dated back to the Holy Roman Empire. At such day, husbands use to crown their wives with a on their twenty-fifth anniversary if silver and golden one on their 50 the anniversary

However, as the century changes, more advanced yet creative ideas started coming and then the anniversary crowns later became the gift.

There are Commonwealth realms, where your partner can receive the message for their anniversaries 60th, 65th and 70th anniversary. This process was initiated by Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom.

In Australia, just like how people receive a letter of congratulation from the Governor, people also revive a certificate and salutation for the wedding anniversaries too.

In other counties like Canada and USA, people receive messages from governor and the president for the wedding anniversary either Ron Golden anniversary or silver one.

The Roman Catholics can apply for papal blessing with the help of local of diocese on wedding anniversary like 50th, 25th or even 60th.